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Corona Virus - COVID-19

Corona Virus - COVID-19

The WHO has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and we are beginning to see schools and public events shut down, as well as a run-on toilet paper. Some of you are probably wondering what we are doing and what our plans are should it get worse.

The first thing is to let you know that everything we are reading from all of the media is that the virus is NOT dangerous to the majority of people. However, and this is the important part, if you have medical conditions related to blood pressure, breathing, reduce immunity, etc.. This virus is more dangerous for you and potentially life-threatening. This puts a responsibility on all of us to try to limit the spread of the disease to protect those who are vulnerable.

So, what is the college’s response?

Our cleaners are taking additional care in wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces each day and have laid in supplies of cleaning products should we need to do a school-wide disinfect as per the schools in NSW. Additionally, we are monitoring students vigilantly and looking for symptomatic children as they arrive at school each day. Should a student or family be confirmed as infected, our emergency response plan will come into play, which includes contacting and involving the Queensland Health Department and enacting their quarantine policies.

In the senior school and in many junior school classrooms, the staff have spent a significant amount of time creating curriculum resources using OneNote that they can turn into online resources should we need to be closed for a considerable length of time. Additionally, Junior school classes have access to online mathematics and reading programmes that would then be supplemented by the classroom teacher via email or other online platforms. We have several excursions that are planned, and we are exploring the options in terms of refunds and rescheduling should the need arise.

Your Part:

As a general rule schools are often a place where disease is spread quickly as they are a public place with a lot of small people to whom washing hands seems like something to do only when an adult is watching, and covering your face when you cough or sneeze is often an afterthought. In the case of the cold, this is not a big deal. In this case, it really is a big deal for some people.

In order to help control the spread of the virus, IF YOUR CHILD HAS A FEVER OR ANY FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME AND CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR FOR ADVICE. Staff will be following the same protocol. See the attached image for an idea of what symptoms apply.

We as a staff are praying for all of our MCC community each day, that we will stay safe and well. We are also praying for a spirit of calmness and not fear to be how we face the future.


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