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Grandparents Day

At MCC Grandparents Day is a day dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the important contribution made by grandparents to the well-being and education of children within their family.

It is an opportunity for family to show their gratitude and respect for the older generation and to honour grandparents.

Every year each village will have the opportunity to design the image for our Grandparent’s Day marketing based on a theme.

This year it was Blue Village’s turn, and the theme was “Fun Times” with grandparent’s.

Thank you to everyone in Blue Village who did a fantastic job, all the pictures carried their own unique design.

A design gets chosen, and the winning design will be the face of Grandparents Day on our Facebook page, book labels (books purchased from QBD) and now our very own page on the MCC website. 

Grandparents Day 2020 YouTube Playlist

Our students at Providence Campus created unique crafts, cards, songs and poems to share with their grandparents.

To make it easier to view their work and special messages, they've been added to a unique YouTube Channel and Grandparents Day Playlist. Please click on the link to locate the class videos.


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