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Year 7 – 12 International Student Enrolment

Mackay Christian College is committed to offering enrolments to International Students from a wide range of nations and recognises the valuable contribution these students bring to the Mackay Christian College community. All International Students are expected to participate fully in the life of the College and to adhere to the Christian ethos of Mackay Christian College.

Enrolment Information - Policies & Procedures

Please click on the links below to access all the information you need to make a decision about International Enrolment at Mackay Christian College.  Offers of enrolment can only be made for courses that are listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) website.

(OSHC) Overseas Health Cover for International Students

The Australian Government’s compulsory health insurance has been paid by the College as part of your fees. You will receive your membership card with an identity number on it. Keep this card in your wallet to show the doctor or to make a claim. If you have another insurance policy with you, please explain this to your homestay family so they know where to find it should you become ill.

Enrolment Procedure Overview

1.  Read through the information for enrolment in the document listed above.

2.  Complete and sign your child’s Enrolment Application and  gather the supporting documents as listed in the International Student Enrolment Checklist. Please note that a non-refundable Application Fee of $350 should be paid at the time of application for enrolment.

3.  If you are overseas, email it to the Enrolment Officer Please note that the Original Documents should be sent to the College by Registered Post.

4.  When your child’s complete application has been received, the application will be processed and an available place assessed. If your child’s application is unsuccessful we will notify you as soon as possible of this outcome.

5.  If your child’s application is successful we will issue a Letter Of Offer to you for the enrolment of your child. You will need to apply for your child’s visa.

6.  When your payment of Fees is confirmed, the Enrolment Officer will create a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) on PRISMS. A copy of your child’s CoE will be emailed to you which you will need to complete your child’s visa application.

7.  When your child’s visa has been granted you must notify the College and provide a copy to us.

8.  When travel arrangements for your child have been organised  the Enrolment Officer will then confirm arrangements.

9.  Your child will attend an International Student Orientation and tour of the College facilities.

Subject Selection Book

International Subject Selection & Choices

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