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eLearning at our college

Network access for all students at Mackay Christian College is a priority, providing a valuable educational resource.  All students from Year 5-12 are required to use a full sized iPad as the Electronic Learning Device at the College.  The use of cloud technology allows students to supplement the iPad with other devices while at home, if preferred. The iPad’s light weight and compact design, ease of use and long battery life make it an ideal tool for use in teaching and learning.

Will my child need an iPad?

Yes! In 2020 parents of students in Year 5 to 12 will provide an iPad for their students as standard school equipment.  Students in Prep to 4 will have access to classroom e-Devices.  Subjects with specialist ICT requirements will have access to labs designed to address the specific learning requirements.

Notebooks that were used as part of our One to One Notebook program are no longer under warranty and therefore not supported by the College.

iPads as Standard School Equipment

iPad Specifications
The minimum recommended requirements of an iPad to ensure compatibility, performance and reliability for use at MCC are:

  • Your iPad should be full sized (9.7″) with 32GB or more storage (ie. it MUST NOT be older than 3 years or an iPad mini)
  • Parents can decide whether to supply a 32 or 128 GB iPad. The recommended device for 2019 is the iPad (6th Generation) 32GB WiFi. Alternatively the iPad Pro in either size as a WiFi model is also an option that is slightly faster, but more expensive.
  • We strongly recommend a WiFi only model to ensure that internet traffic at the College, passes through our internet filtering system. This will also reduce the cost of the device
  • We strongly recommend purchasing AppleCare+ with the device. This provides 2 years of phone support from Apple rather than 30 days, an additional year warranty giving 2 years warranty and cover for a couple of accidental damage claims over the 2 years (claim excess currently less than $100)
  • We strongly recommend a robust case to help minimise potential damage. The Griffin Survivor Case or Otterbox Defender have been found to be highly effective at reducing damage to iPads at MCC and other schools using iPads
It is probable that your child’s iPad will need to be replaced after 2 – 3 school years.

Where can you purchase your iPad?
iPads are available from a variety of stores in Mackay and Online.
What makes one store different from another – is it just the price or is after sales service needed?

With iPads, the College is not able to assist with Hardware faults, warranty claims or repairs, or loan units.  However, the College’s IT Department will endeavour to assist students with iPad software configuration problems where possible.

As part of your purchasing decision, you may like to consider if you want after sales support in Mackay. Apple’s standard support is for the customer to ring a support number, then to send Apple the unit for repair (estimate of turnaround time is 2-3 weeks).  Check if the store you buy from has the ability to repair or replace the unit in Mackay.  Also ask if they do free training on the use of the iPad.

Several stores in Mackay stock iPads.  Suggested retailers are:
  • Apple Premium Resellers in Mackay (Specialists in Apple Sales and Service)
  • Matilda Internet
  • Department stores such as Big W, Target, Myer, Harvey Norman, and The Good Guys.
Online Store options include:
JB Hi-Fi Solutions 

Go to: and Login using promo code MACKAY2021 when prompted (Payment Plans Available). If you have any questions, please contact JB Hi-FI at or call 1300 730 548.

The School Locker
Go to: and login to see the individual prices.

Extra Purchases
Parents will be asked to purchase the following items. (The cost listed in the brackets has been provided as a guide and for purchase of Apps, we recommend starting with a $50 iTunes gift card).

  • Earphones – we recommend Apple Earphones with speakers and microphone
Apps required on all student iPads:
  • Microsoft Word for iPad (Microsoft Office 365 is free for students attending Mackay Christian College)
  • Microsoft Excel for iPad (Microsoft Office 365 is free for students attending Mackay Christian College)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad (Microsoft Office 365 is free for students attending Mackay Christian College
  • OneDrive – Cloud storage for files (Microsoft Office 365 is free for students attending Mackay Christian College)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader – PDF Reader (Free)
Parents may also like to provide their child with a keyboard and/or a stylus. These items are not required, but some students may find them useful. Adapters are also available to connect an external computer screen to an iPad.

Purchase of Apps
Some apps are free and others have a price but generally speaking they are not too expensive. When logging into the Microsoft Apps, please use your email address as this gives you a free Office 365 licence while you are studying at MCC. To purchase iPad apps, you must set up an account in iTunes. We recommend setting up Apple family Sharing to control what apps the child buys and how much they can spend. An alternate way to control the expense is crediting the iTunes account using an iTunes gift card which allows you to easily keep a track of how much your child is spending. You can also use a Credit Card in iTunes and manage ongoing costs with Parental Controls in the iPad settings. For a full list of Essential Apps for Everyone and Extra Year Level Specific Essential Apps that your child will need to install before the start of the school year please visit the Apps section at the bottom of this page.

Do I need to purchase an extended warranty?
We strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty of an additional year with accidental damage cover (claim excess currently less than $100) from Apple called AppleCare+ for your child’s iPad. The AppleCare+ Protection Plan includes two years of telephone support.

Setting up your iPad

Before getting to school, if you have an internet connection, you can setup the iPad with the apps needed as set out below. If you open this webpage on the iPad, you can click on the icons for the Apps and it will take you straight to them for download. The child’s email account and the College Wireless will be setup once at school.

Essential Apps for Everyone

Our College now uses Office 365 (Microsoft).  When you log into Microsoft Apps, including OneDrive, use your student email address. The MCC student email gives you access to a free Office365 licence while you are studying at MCC.

Our Network no longer supports the use of applications such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Students will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • They use the e-device in accordance with College policies & procedures including the Standards of Conduct and our CLEAR Technology expectations – see our Network User Agreement 
  • They have their e-device with them in class
  • There is always space on the e-device for the storage of school-related files
  • The e-device is charged
  • The e-device has the required Apps installed and texts available
  • Damage is promptly reported to parents or carers for remedy
Students are permitted to place music, videos, Apps etc on their e-device with the expectation that:
  • Content inappropriate for College use is not accessed or shown to others while at the College
  • Sufficient storage space is left on the e-device for school work files

Students who fail to meet their responsibilities in regard to their e-device will be dealt with via the College’s Behaviour Education Process

Students may be instructed to delete Apps if used inappropriately while at the College and the e-device may be confiscated in the interim. The College has lockers available for students to store their books and equipment.  Electronic Learning tools are under teacher supervision from 8.30am until 3pm.


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