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Junior School - Providence Campus

Pre-Prep – Year 6

Promoting wonder, curiosity, discovery and joy, the Early Years learning environments are specifically designed to cater for the development of our youngest students.

MCC Junior School Campus is a warm, supportive Christian community of caring teachers who seek to foster a love of learning in the early years of formal schooling and create pathways for students irrespective of their talents and abilities.

We work hard to create an environment where students, teachers and parents alike feel a strong sense of connectedness to our College and each other. Our core values are embedded across the curriculum areas where we actively seek to reveal the wonder of God’s creation and His plan for us to become all He intended us to be.

We understand that students learn through movement and hands-on interaction and absorb information through books and socialisation with others. Although we use interactive whiteboards, iPads and computers, our students are also afforded plenty of opportunity to learn in a variety of different ways to develop their enquiring minds.

Specialist classes in Music, Physical Education and Information Technology add to the range of learning experiences available.

From the earliest years, a thorough foundation in literacy and numeracy is a central focus of learning experiences. Within the classroom and through support staff, student learning is strongly supported by enrichment opportunities and remedial teaching according to individual needs. On-going assessment of children´s progress within the classroom, supplemented by the Learning Enrichment Centre or external support agencies where needs are identified, assists in maximising learning potential.

The Junior School Campus is an exciting and engaging place to learn and grow. We are excited about the future and are confident you will want to be a part of our College community once you visit our campus!


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