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Online Learning @ Home

What this means at MCC

Online Learning @ Home refers to the way school will maintain teaching and learning in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence.

School will be open and offering both distance and face to face options that are carefully designed to ensure that children get the best education they can under the circumstances.

No matter which option a parent chooses regarding how they want their child taught, we will be there. If you send them to school, we will teach them. If you keep them home, we will teach them. The decision is yours.

In order to help us plan for these weeks, please click on this link and complete the attendance survey.

At MCC our vision is to:

  • make remote learning effective and engaging
  • moving to a virtual classroom
  • getting support & training our colleagues
  • help students stay engaged

Our aim is:

  • attendance
  • engagement
  • reflect
  • communication

Helpful Information for Online Learning @ Home

Tutorial on "How To" access Microsoft Teams

Tutorial on "How To" access OneNote via Teams


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