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College Values
College Values

The college’s CLEAR values of Christlikeness, Learning, Excellence, Attitude and Respect are embedded in everything that we do at MCC. These values form the core of what we are working to see develop and grow in ourselves. Consistent and clear values guide the MCC behaviour education of student’s decision making and lifestyle choices to develop the character and resilience you need to be able to fulfill your God given call in life. 

Our Code
Our Code

These values should be seen in the standard of your conduct and also in your commitment to learning and assessment tasks. When a prospective student signs the Statement of Support by Students in the Enrolment Contract they are saying; as a student of Mackay Christian College, I agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct and all the other rules expected of each enrolled student. 

Our Mission

The Mackay Christian College community consists of students, parents and staff working together to develop each child’s potential in a wide range of learning situations.

Emphasis is placed on positive, critical thinking skills and caring, respectful attitudes. We believe that the education process is a continuous one from Pre-Prep to Year 12 and beyond. We are committed to the education of the whole person – personally, socially, cognitively, and spiritually.

We believe that each member of the College community is entitled to a safe, secure, welcoming and loving environment to allow for the development of individual potential.

At Mackay Christian College we aim to provide a quality learning environment within which students will be encouraged to develop an ongoing personal revelation of Christ in their lives.

We recognise the significance of the example and witness of staff, of a curriculum framework based on Biblical Christian thinking, and of the standing of our College within our community.

High academic standards, good professional relationship, discipline and high levels of home-school communication with families are all part of the College’s mission.

This is our Future

While we can certainly learn from the lessons of our past, we are firmly focussed on the futures of our students.

Students have great opportunities to explore and develop academically, physically and culturally through the excellent Academic, Trade Based, Sporting, and Creative Arts curricular and cocurricular programs offered.

The College’s Christian ethos, which undergirds everything we do at MCC, deliberately and strategically provides opportunities for students to grow emotionally and spiritually as well.

Mackay Christian College enrolled the first students in 1984. In May of each year the College community takes time to reflect on our past during the annual Founders’ Day Celebration.

The College was established to provide an independent, coeducational Christian education to families in the Mackay District. Our motto, Thy Will be Done, and our vision statement – Becoming All God Wants us to be, provide a strong foundation and guide the College’s planning processes.

The College has developed a comprehensive master plan for both campuses and future plans include further development of sporting facilities (courts etc), and a multi-function building (Junior Campus).

Over the last few years we have been very busy with some extensive new developments including:

  • an award winning Trade Training Centre
  • a second campus which accommodates our Junior School
  • a beautiful Early Learning (Kindergarten) facility
  • a state of the art second multi-purpose auditorium
  • a purpose built Tuckshop facility
  • Outside School Hours Care Activity Centre
  • an Uniform Shop

The MCC team members are committed to a process of continuous improvement in order to ensure that decisions are data driven and focussed on the current and future needs of our students. 

We remain guided by our vision, values and purpose which lead us to be completely committed to helping every student become ‘all God wants them to be'.


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