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Founders Day

The celebration includes receiving the year’s plaque to build upon our Founders Pillar.

Each of the rocks which make up the pillar represents a Senior Year Level. The plaques are mounted to serve as a debut to the Founders and Pioneers of Mackay Christian College.

We remember their contribution to the College each Founders Day by the addition of a new plaque by the current Year 12 Students.

(May 6th 1985 is the day when the land upon which the College now stands was purchased)

Class of 2022 - Year 6

Class of 2022 - Year 12

Our Heritage

Mackay Christian College was established in 1984 to provide a Christian education alternative for Mackay families. The College commenced with around 17 students in Year 1-7 and now has a student body of over 850 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Mackay Christian Family Church had the vision for the school and still provides support and governance. The College was founded by Pastor Rob Booth-Jones, Senior Pastor of Mackay Christian Family Church and founding Chairman of the College Board of Directors; Pastor Dr Craig Murison and his wife Candace. At enrolment interviews prospective families frequently cite friends or family as having told them what a caring school MCC is as their reason for seeking placement for their children.

Mackay Christian College’s well-earned reputation as a genuine and caring school within the community is the product of highly dedicated teaching staff, all of whom are Christians and are committed to developing the best in each child and to helping them become ‘all God wants them to be.’ The focus of the College community is on the positive – to expect the best. This helps students to develop an optimistic outlook for the future.

Founding parents along with the College had a vision for a school that would exhibit the following:

- Excellent academic standards

- Excellent behaviour management policies

- At all times all decisions and activities to be undergirded by Christian principles and values

- To constantly provide a genuine, safe, and caring environment for students.

These remain Mackay Christian College’s four corner stones.


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