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Year 10 Subject Selection & Choices

Students entering Senior School, wanting to pursue a university pathway, will need to ensure they qualify for an ATAR to gain entrance to a university course. As part of this preparation students in Year 10 are given an opportunity to experience subjects that are closely aligned with Senior syllabuses to ensure that students are well equipped to make good choices for Year 11 and 12.

Year 10

Year 10 will be a significant start to this phase of learning with an emphasis on the types and styles of learning that will be required to ensure success.

Core Subjects of:

  • English
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities

Year 10 Subjects:

  • Agriculture
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Art
  • Business Studies
  • Civics
  • Design Technologies
  • Drama
  • Geography
  • History
  • Home Economics
  • Industrial Technologies
  • Multimedia
  • Music
  • Physical Education

Mrs Leanne Drake

Mr Peter Lister

  • Mrs Freda Ferreira
  • Mrs Karen Graham

Mrs Sasha Geyer

Mr James Murdoch

Mr Nathan Richards

Tonia Beckmann

  • Miss Rebecca Geevarghese
  • Mrs Sasha Geyer
  • Miss Rebecca Geevarghese
  • Mr James Murdoch

Mrs Mariette Pienaar

  • Mr Hennie Aucamp
  • Mr Lyle Jacobson
  • Mr Nathan Richards
  • Mr Warren Tysoe
  • Miss Anna Hopper
  • Ms Lindy McQuaker

Ms Laura Hopper

  • Miss Melea Ballantyne
  • Mr Nathan Beaver
  • Mr peter Lister

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