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Year 11 & Year 12 Subject Selection & Choices

Students entering Senior School, wanting to pursue a university pathway, will need to ensure they qualify for an ATAR to gain entrance to a university course. As part of this preparation students in Year 10 are given an opportunity to experience subjects that are closely aligned with Senior syllabuses to ensure that students are well equipped to make good choices for Year 11 and 12.

Year 11 & 12

Year 11 & 12 will be a significant start to this phase of learning with an emphasis on the types and styles of learning that will be required to ensure success.

Year 12 Subjects

  • Ag Science 
  • Biology 
  • Business Studies 
  • Cert II Health and Community Services 
  • Chemistry 
  • Design 
  • Drama 
  • Early Childhood Studies 
  • English 
  • Essential English 
  • Essential Mathematics 
  • Film, TV and New Media 
  • General Maths
  • Geography 


  • Hospitality Practices 
  • Industrial Graphics 
  • Information and Communication Technology 
  • Legal Studies 
  • Mathematical Methods  
  • Modern History 
  • Music 
  • Physical Education 
  • Physics 
  • Specialist Maths 
  • Sports and Recreation 
  • TTC (Single Pathway and Full Time) 
  • Visual Art in Practice 

Mrs Zoe Fluit

Mr Pierre Craven

Mrs Kerri Lockhart

Mrs Jessica Rath

Health and Community Services Pathways - Connect 'n' Grow

As we move into a essential time for students preparing for upcoming subject selection for 2021, we are aware that presentations to the students look a little differently this year to previous years.  In anticipation of face to face contact being restricted, we have created a digital presence for your convenience in order to showcase opportunities in the Health and Community Services sector to your students and parents.

The video has information on Connect 'n' Grow, the health program and detail regarding opportunities within the health sector and the forecast employment growth.

The brochures have more information for students who are interested in careers within Health and Community Services.

Mr Doug Graham

Mr Nathan Richards

Miss Tonia Beckmann

Mrs Amanda Corry

  • Ms Karen Curtis
  • Mrs Jenette Gallogray
  • Mrs Christabelle Butler
  • Mrs Linda Van Smaalen 

Ms Lindy McQuaker

Miss Rebecca Geevarghese

Mrs Mariette Pienaar

  • Mr Lyle Jacobson
  • Mr Nathan Richards

Miss Anna Hopper

Mr James Murdoch

  • Ms Debbie Wright
  • Mr Christopher Lee
  • Mrs Jeanette van Schalkwyk
  • Mrs Glenda Neaton

Miss Rebecca Geevarghese

Mr Mark Humber

  • Mrs Jessica Rath
  • Mr Yong Ju Park

Mr Pierre Craven

Mr Peter Lister

  • Mr Hennie Aucamp
  • Mr Warren Tysoe

Mrs Karen Graham

This Certificate is run in partnership with Formula Student (RTO Code: 41124) and has been designed as a projectbased or activity-based certificate with the emphasis on using current industry practice and safe technological processes to complete tasks through the fabrication and construction of a Formula High School® race car in a workshop or simulated workplace environment. 

Projects and practical activities set the context within which the key elements of the certificate are delivered and provide the means for the consolidation and application of skills and knowledge.

For more information and a video about this Certificate, run in partnership with Formula Student (RTO Code: 41124) offered at MCC.

AHC21216 Certificate II in Rural Operations

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from Year 11 students 2021 who are interested in studying a Certificate II in Rural Operations. This will be run in partnership with the University of Queensland and students will receive practical and theoretical training related to working in the agricultural/rural industry.


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